The Boy Next Door

A high school teacher going through a rough patch in life encounters the new addition to her neighbourhood. But she soon realises that one stupid, desperate mistake may well cost her everything she’s ever worked for.


A washed-up actor is struggling with his life and sanity, trying to find new meaning in his identity. But no matter what he does, he cannot seem to shake off the iconic superhero that he used to be.

What happened in 2014?

Well folks, this is it. Tonight, this year is coming to an end, and with it comes a lot of time for reflection upon everything – what you did this year, what you learned about yourself, what you succeeded in and failed at. So here’s a short review of the movies I’ve blogged about this year!

Moral Selectivity in Victims?

There’s always some drama about violence in film, violence in games, violence everywhere. And yes, in some cases we do seem to have been numbed to seeing violence on-screen; it’s not that big a deal anymore. But what always gains a universal reaction of horror and disgust is violence directed against animals – the cuter,…