In the future, crime is fought by police droids – but ‘simple AI’ is not enough, and their programmer creates Chappie, the first completely sentient robot. Advertisements


When Lucy is kidnapped and forced to play drug mule for a Korean mafia with a drug sewn into her abdomen, things go terribly wrong: when the drug accidentally invades the rest of her body, it unlocks the unused percentages of her brain – and with the great power comes great danger.

3 Days To Kill

When the experienced CIA agent Ethan (Kevin Costner) collapses during a mission, resulting in his failure, he retires: the diagnosis is terminal brain cancer with only a few more months to live. Trying to make up for his past mistakes, he reconnects with his family on the condition that his work is done. But there…


Today was the day: I finally managed to get someone to go and see the latest Riddick with me. (Which seems to be ridiculously hard in my new home because most people I know appear not to be fans of action movies – or if they are, they do not like Riddick, or wouldn’t spend…