Andrew Neyman has a dream: he wants to be the best jazz drummer there ever was. And he has potential. But his mentor Terence Fletcher starts to realise it with methods that turn his world upside down.


It’s 1984, and UK miners are on strike. All of a sudden, they get support from a rather unexpected group – and while the money is needed, not everyone approves of the new friendship with the gay community.

Magic in the Moonlight

When the great conjurer Wei Ling Soo, also known as Stanley, is asked to unmask the beautiful medium Sophie who supposedly takes advantage of a rich family, he cannot quite figure her out despite his best efforts – and it changes his life in many ways, over and over again.


When Lucy is kidnapped and forced to play drug mule for a Korean mafia with a drug sewn into her abdomen, things go terribly wrong: when the drug accidentally invades the rest of her body, it unlocks the unused percentages of her brain – and with the great power comes great danger.


Over a 12-year period, young Mason grows up – raised by a single mother, with the biological father occasionally in the picture, he experiences every single drama that emerges from growing up – nothing more, nothing less.