’tis the season!

…for proposals, applications, and the like. If you want to know what I’ve been up to in the quiet past months, do read on!

Despite my good intentions, in the last few months I have been unable to step up my game again and provide you with the content you deserve. I don’t know when I’ll be able to do so regularly – part of the reason is that I have moved back to Germany, and while the Netherlands provided me with a cheap cinema subscription that made it possible to watch and write as much as I wanted to, going to the cinema in Germany is just expensive (especially if you’ve just finished your studies). But even apart from that, I doubt I’d have been able to spend time at the cinema anyway, as my time was spent renovating my new flat, being ill (winter hasn’t been kind to me, and currently I am in bed with the flu), binge-watching various TV shows, trying out a few games, and, most importantly, applying for PhD positions.

Now you might remember that the last time I was doing this, my epic proposal was about supervillains, and it was quite an exciting project to look forward to. Sadly, it didn’t get me a place, and for this round of applications, my supervisor from my Master’s and I have come up with a new proposal, one that excites me even more. For the first time in years, I’m actually stepping away from villains and focusing more on my new heart’s desire, transmedia storytelling – that beautiful convergent media strategy that spreads narrative content across a variety of media platforms. In basic terms, it’s somewhat similar to my supervillain proposal, only that this time I’m not proposing to look at a specific genre/character type. In this project I would investigate the role of video games in transmedia storytelling projects, on the basis of a few beloved franchises – The Matrix, The Walking Dead, and Assassin’s Creed – surprise! (I simply cannot stay away from it.) In that sense, it can also be seen as a bit of an extension of my Master’s thesis; it is now happening on a much, much larger scale, but the methodology, both primary analysis and empirical research, draws on what I’ve been doing there, although it is still overall experimental because transmedia storytelling is such a new field of study.

Of course, this is the time of the year that is full with application deadlines, followed by more or less long periods of waiting, followed again by more deadlines. So far, the project has generated quite an enthusiastic response, so fingers crossed that the universities I’ve been applying to think the same.

Exciting times, as usual!

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