Introducing In-a-Nutshell Reviews

It’s been fairly quiet here over the past few months, I’m well aware – real life has been very hectic, and between thesis writing, applications and work, there is rather little time to go see a movie, play a game, or simply read something. But because I love you all, I don’t want to disappear completely, so as of today, I’m introducing In-a-Nutshell reviews.

What are those?

In-a-Nutshell reviews are short to-the-point reviews that are supposed to give you an overall impression of the work – rather, my impression, and most of the time it’s going to be a very immediate one. Obviously that means that I’ll be able to pay less attention to detail and address all the issues I’d like to address in regular reviews, so time permitting, I’ll try to give you as many as I can of those as well. The upside to this (or downside, depending on your perspective) is that I’ll have to learn how to be efficiently succinct, and after all, isn’t that what I people tell me to do more of at uni? (You wouldn’t know, of course. Yes, they do. Word counts are not my friends.)

Exciting, isn’t it? What kind of gems have you watched or played recently – anything that particularly stayed with you, that surprised you, that moved you? Share the love here, on Twitter or on Facebook (which you should also keep an eye on for other random updates that don’t fit in blog posts)!

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