In a Nutshell: Ex Machina

A lottery gives the programmer Caleb the unique opportunity to spend a week with the renowned programmer and AI expert Nathan. Little does he know that it will be a week-long breathtakingly dangerous AI experiment…



Taking a short break from seemingly endless thesis writing, I decided to hop over to the cinema today, so my movie decision was rather more impulsive and less informed than usually. I was skeptical at first – yet another movie in artificial intelligence? I love the topic, but haven’t we had enough recently with movies like Transcendence, Her, or Chappie? But it turns out we haven’t had anything quite as unique and compelling as Ex Machina.

This sci-fi thriller throws you in pretty much in medias res – you know just as little about Caleb (Domhnall Gleeson) as anyone. Nathan (Oscar Isaac) has been working on true artificial intelligence and wants Caleb to test the robot Ava (Alicia Vikander). The point of the test? To see whether or not Ava actually has a mind of her own – true consciousness. Ava is a truly captivating being, though eerily so, and Caleb soon starts to suspect that something is not quite right here.

Slow-paced and suspenseful, Ex Machina makes use of its full capacities to ensure that you’ll have conflicting feelings about the issue on all sides. The stunning love for details and intricate build-up to the situation spinning out of control makes for some great and shocking entertainment, and will leave you wanting more. We may very well have a new classic here.

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