Liebster Award! – Wait, what?

It came to me as a surprise a while ago to see that the blogger Niall McArdle has nominated me for the Liebster award – I feel quite flattered and squealy about this, and it truly brought a smile to my face; thank you. (And yes, it took me ages to make a reply post; university and regular blog posts just got in my way.)


Now, what is this award? It is of course not an official award that is actually awarded – you’re not gonna get a gold statue, if that’s what you’re hoping for; it’s just a way amongst bloggers to discover and recommend new-ish blogs that don’t have a large following yet and in such a way raise the attention to some easily-missed gems – in short, just a way to spread the love, really. A giant virtual group hug!
So what happens? Essentially, I need to answer a few questions and then nominate my own choice of bloggers to take up the lead. Alright, here we go then…

My favourite character
It’s already getting tricky here; you do realise I’m a student of anything narrative, and there are so many amazing characters out there? For all intents and purposes of having to name only one or two, I would currently have to go with the Joker, especially as portrayed in The Dark Knight, and Dr. Hannibal Lecter. Why? Well, first because it’s Imperial March. Can’t argue with that. Secondly, because they are two characters that I’ve spent a lot of my time analysing academically, and I am fascinated with the types of villains they represent. They both are there to teach us something; they’re there to reinforce your world view by challenging it, by presenting an entirely different one. Causality leading to evil deeds? ‘Nope,’ Lecter would say, ‘nothing happened because it was simply I that happened.’ (Yes, paraphrasing loosely here, give me a break.) And what about the Joker? He sees order in chaos and chaos in order – and in fact, what he sees is that everybody, at their core, is willing to submit to the chaos when their life depends on it. They are portrayed magnificently, compellingly, and their interaction with the camera is fascinating and worth writing articles on, probably. I could go on for ages now, but I’ll stop myself here; more is to come in separate villain posts for both.

My favourite meal
Another difficult one. If we step away from actual ‘meals’, I’ll just have to say – cheese. My best friend once remarked that cheese (and my love thereof) makes up 95% of my personality; I’m only lucky to have moved to the Netherlands, where they have cheese that must have been made by cows in Heaven. Other than cheese, bacon. I absolutely love bacon. My absolute favourite? Cheese and bacon. And when it comes to proper meals, anything my boyfriend cooks, really. (Ladies, get yourselves a man who can cook, especially when you hate cooking yourself.

My favourite sport
Since I started my Master studies, I’ve started going to Yoga classes once a week, and was quite surprised at a) how much harder it is than it looks, b) what kind of miracles it can do when it comes to stress relief, and c) how flexible you can get. But if I had the chance to do it cheaply here, I’d probably prefer going swimming, really. (I’ve done modern dancing for, what, six years when I was a teenager, but I daresay I’m not very good at it anymore.)

My favourite memory
In the last two weeks I’ve been very nostalgic, longing back to the good old day of my Bachelor studies, where I was at a small university in a house full of people, and with my friends being only about 15 minutes away by foot. I remember fondly long evenings in my warmly lit room with candles, teas, and fascinating conversations. Life was better back then.
But actually, there is one particular memory that keeps coming back whenever I try to relax and go to my ‘happy place’, and that was during my short holiday in Dublin with one of my best friends. If not directly in Dublin, it might have been at Dún Laoghaire, but I am not entirely sure. Either way, my memory, as you can see below, consists of sunshine by the sea, sitting there without a care in the world, doing some creative writing because the atmosphere and landscape was so inspiring. That’s probably my fond ‘happy place’ memory at the moment. Something about this moment was perfect, peaceful and simply beautiful.

My favourite holiday
I’m not really a ‘holiday’ kind of person. I used to hate Christmas, for instance; the last few years I tend to look forward to getting into Christmas mood at my best friend’s parents’ place, and I always look forward to family time on Christmas eve. But other than that, I’m still not too cool with the whole idea. And the same goes for most holidays probably. I do like Halloween though!

My favourite quote
There are two that I love, and that just sum up life very well:

“Humans need fantasy to be human. To be the place where the falling angel meets the rising ape […] You need to believe in things that aren’t true. How else can they become?” (Terry Pratchett’s Hogfather)

“Human beings make lif eso interesting. Do you know, that in a universe so full of wonders, they have managed to invent boredom?” (Terry Pratchett’s Hogfather)

My favourite song
I’ll only mention three, even though there are many more of course depending on my mood:
– “Where Do We Draw The Line” (Poets of the Fall)
– “The End of this Chapter” (Sonata Arctica)
– “Pirate Song” (Alestorm)

My favourite place
Wales. Anywhere in Wales, really. I desperately want to go back.

My favourite item of clothing
Socks and tights and gloves. The more colourful, the merrier!

My favourite animal
That one is easy for a change. I’m a cat person; I meow, stray cat or strange cats will just come sit on top of me, and I purr when I’m happy and relaxed. Also, wolves. I don’t know what it is, but they’re real beauties as well.

My favourite website
Yes, I’m gonna say it – Reddit. There are many strange things on the internet, and many of them accumulate there, but if you manage to steer clear of them, you can actually have a good time there.

Alright, that was it for now; I’ve had some serious problems finding people to nominate based on the rules of the award, because it has to be relatively unknown blogs and somehow I do not seem to be able to find many. (If you have a place where you can look for new blogs, I’ll be happy to adjust that.) So I simply went for ‘what blogs do I find cool, regardless of the number of followers?’ I’ll keep looking around, though, and may either edit this post here, or do an entirely new one for it. So people, watch out for:

boy with a hat



Jordan and Eddie (The Movie Guys)

That’s so true!

The Gamer

The Zombie Squad Elite

Lucas Fothergill

And to those, I ask the following questions:
1. If you were a superhero, what would your function and power be?
2. If you didn’t have to think about money, what would you do with your time?
3. What day/period in time would you time travel to?
4. What movie do you keep watching on a regularly basis?
5. What is your favourite memory?
6. If you were able to live a full day without any consequences, going back to living the day normally afterwards, what would you do with it?
7. What kind of place are you writing in right now?
8. What do you do if you need to unwind from a stressful day?
9. What is your favourite quote?
10. What is something that you used to love to do, but that you have lost as you grew older?

5 thoughts on “Liebster Award! – Wait, what?

  1. great post. cheers for the shoutout. I share your love of cheese, bacon and Wales (Granny was from Anglesey). And yes, judging by your photo, you were near Dun Laoghaire. Is that Sandycove perhaps? I know some beach snobs who might look at that and think ‘my God, it’s rocks covered in seaweed and slime! What’s beautiful about that?’ But if you haven’t experienced the stony, smelly glory of Dublin Bay, you just won’t get it.


    • We spent some family holidays camping in Wales (whatever kind of idiot suggests camping somewhere where you know you and your tent are going to get soaked – though I believe it was me who made the suggestion the first time), I lost my heart to that country then I believe. 🙂 Lots of sheep.
      I have no idea if it’s Sandycove though, I was happy enough to remember “Dun Laoghaire”. But I agree, it’s not your cliché beautiful beach, but you can get that pretty much anywhere you have water. But there’s a certain something to that bay. I had a great time at least!


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