Happy Imperial March!

This seal has been done by one of my two co-founders of ‘EvilCo’. You can find more of her art (but not this particular seal) on her Facebook page!

It is March again and, just like last year, that means that it’ll be a month of productivity and villainy – at least in planning, we’ll see how that works out in practice with everything going on at university…

But most of the newer followers will be confused now and go, ‘What the heck?’ Do not despair; I’ll explain.

‘Imperial March’ is a project, or rather a group of project, that is now in its third year. In our last semester of undergrad, two friends and I have gotten together to rejoice our love for anything evil in media – on a narrative basis, of course. Since we all find villains extremely interesting, we’ve decided to dedicate a whole month every year to personal creative projects in that area: we may try to write a story or (in my case the two previous times) little snippets of creativity centring on a certain theme or character; we may draw pictures (and by ‘we’ I mean everyone ‘but me’ since the only thing I can actually draw are bats, fluffy birds and beards with eyes), or do whatever else comes to our minds. And what month would be more appropriate for something celebrating villainy than a month that you can turn into a Star Wars pun?

Our numbers have grown a little since our first Imperial March, and as I’ve been rather insubstantial the last times, always planning on doing something but never working up the creativity to do it do the extent I wanted to, I am trying to turn my attention to something blog-related, and reflect my academic work as well. I will keep publishing reviews of films and games when I have the time throughout the month, but other than that my main efforts will be focused on character studies of villains, not complete reviews of their films. Now, my main academic interests so far have been in adaptation (in film, literature, now also in video games) and since I started my Master studies, my focus has become increasingly towards transmedia storytelling. This, then, may be the framework for the little snippets of character studies that I’ll post during this evil month. Some of them may be reworked and simplified versions of some of my thesis chapters, others will be new ones, and for all it’s worth, I’m open to suggestions because I love meeting new villains and analysing them to see what draws us to them.

So that’s what my Imperial March will be about – and of course everybody is invited to be inspired and join in this creative evil-themed month as well! If you are, do let me know; I’d love to see what you’re up to!

So set your ringtone to ‘Imperial March’, and enjoy!

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