Imperial March: Episode 5

He closed his eyes and felt the urge overcome him. It crept into his veins and nerves, his conscience and sub-conscience. He felt he could not resist much longer; could not keep a façade forever. Not much time now, and there would be blood to his feet despite regulations, despite honourable notions of what could and what should be done.

Any previous attempts of redemption had been useless. When he went to sleep each night, they laughed right into his face, a wide, bloody grin with foul teeth and an even fouler sneer. Sleep did not release, and no matter how much he numbed himself, something seemed to always come after him. Follow him. Ensnare him until all he could do was to let go.

Power was a sweet and powerful seduction.

He had always been weak.


[Well, these past few days have been uncreative and busy, surely mainly because my university seemed to flood every free minute with work and more work, but that’s life and that’s the way it’s supposed to be. I’m glad, however, that I found time to write at least a few lines today, and I’m hoping to get my muse back in between all the studying that’s going on right now 🙂 ]

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