Imperial March: Episode 4

The sun lit the park brightly, bringing its warmth and peace. Some said night was his element; indeed, he had been born into it and carried it wherever he went. Darkness followed his every step like a silent companion. In many ways it was more than that. A gentle lover, a caring mother, a fascinated child. It reminded him of his lord, established a connection between them that was secured by much more than a simple oath. It was complete and submissive devotion. He answered to no other.

He leaned against a tree, inhaled the scent and brushed a cherry blossom off his dark clothes. It was his usual position, one green and one red eye following the unsuspecting families and loners, the young and the old. Only few saw him, and even fewer realised the seductive power emanating from him. He saw them avert their eyes, pass as quickly as possible. A woman’s gaze lingered on him longer than she intended to. When he returned it, she blushed and walked away in a sudden hurry. A lordly smirk crept onto his face. So much potential walking by, and none of them truly knew.

Those foolish humans did not yet understand how to savour sin, how to drown in it greedily. They would never have understood if he hadn’t given them his precious gift. Some had accepted it willingly, some needed persuasion, and if he was pleased, some might even feel that paralysing touch that emptied their minds for anything from a few minutes to several months. He knew how to work them, how to use them – how to enjoy life. He, who had brought vice upon the Earth, was waiting, sinning in eternity.

Today, his attention was drawn to one of these loners; one of those people who might or might not be missed. He did not care. He was not overly deceptive; he prided himself on being straightforward and clear at least in this regard. Once the man had stopped feeding the numerous ducks, he would stroll up to him casually and work his charm. He took his task seriously and had no respect for anything. He would be able to offer the feeble, entertaining creatures everything for hardly anything else in return. He only required a small step, a small gesture, and maybe a little more than that even.

It was true; his domain was in the darkness, where his fellow beings waited. Where those who had already taken this one step rested. But here, in the innocent sunshine that illuminated this little world, he would find others that looked to stray from their path even if they did not know. He had never found anything more glorious and entertaining than the fall of innocence.

He was there to help them trip.

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